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You can trust us with any project because we only use top quality materials. All our work comes with a warranty as well, so there’s no risk involved at all.

Our Types of Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door

  • Sliding glass doors are designed to open and close by folding back into a wall or flush with the ceiling.
  • In contrast to folding door panels, folding sliding doors require tracks on the floor to enable smooth opening and closing action.
  • Folding sliding doors have access from both sides to be used as a screen or divider if desired. This can either be manual or automatic.

Folding Glass Door

  • Folding glass door panels can be either fixed in place or folding glass entrance doors.
  • These types of folding glass panels usually have hinges along with the centre point, allowing them to fold horizontally or vertically depending on their design.

Frameless Glass Door

  • Custom framed glass doors are created by joining two or more panels together around a centre support system.
  • Frameless folding glass door panels do not have any visible frame; this folding glass entrance door style has an uninterrupted look where the folding panels meet at one point in the middle.

Swing Glass Door

  • Entrances glass doors are permanently fixed to their frames and cannot be opened like folding glass panel doors. It is installed with the traditional swing mechanism.
  • This type of swing glass door is commonly used for commercial buildings but can also be seen in residential homes.

Tempered Glass Door

  • Tempered glass entrance doors are made of toughened glass, making them less likely to break into dangerous shards when they break.
  • Tempered glass is created by heating the surface of the glass and then rapidly cooling it down to compress its inner layers together.

Frosted Glass Door

  • Frosted glass is created by adding various chemicals and pigments to the original glass formula.
  • The frosted glass door is used for privacy and decoration and can be frosted in different ways, depending on your preference.



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