Top Sliding Glass Door in Malaysia

Are you thinking about installing a sliding glass door in Malaysia? Well, GeWalt sliding glass door system is a good choice. It comes with a roller system supported by heavy-duty, high-quality rollers and high-tech door system. Therefore, it’s silent, stable and exceptionally strong.

Type of Glass Sliding Door

Electromagnetic Sliding Glass Door

  • Wireless push button x 2 pcs or microwave sensor x 2 pcs
  • 4 x 8 feet aluminum frame door panel with laminated glass
  • 4 x 8 feet aluminum frame fixed panel with laminated glass

Auto Tempered Glass Sliding Door

  • 6.2 meters double-opening automatic system
  • 2pc of 12mm tempered glass doors
  • 2 fixed panel of 12mm tempered glasses
  • Microwave sensor 2pc
  • 1 year on-site warranty

Manual Sliding Glass Door

  • Including aluminum frame door and laminated glass 4 x 8 feet.
  • Including cover

Sliding and Folding Glass Door

  • Combine the sliding door and folding door concept
  • Provide maximum visibility and flexibility
  • Use of tempered glass doors

Telescopic Sliding Glass Doors

  • The GeWalt Telescopic Sliding Door portfolio provides a good solution for 2 different situations.
  • One is narrow entrances with wide opening space, another is a big door entrance.

Shower Frameless Sliding Glass Door

  • We supply aluminium shower screen like front entry series, Bi-fold series, and etc
  • Find out more shower sliding door here

What Are The Benefits Of A Sliding Door System?

Adding sliding doors to your home is a smart move because they have numerous functional and design advantages.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Flow

With sliding doors, you can create a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoors. They come with large glass panes so you can enjoy amazing view all-year round of your backyard, front yard and the whole surrounding.

2. Safety

Previously, most homeowners didn’t like sliding doors because they were dangerous. Well, the danger aspect could be attributed to the fact that these doors didn’t have safety glass. However, the current sliding doors in the market have shatterproof safety glass. It’s very safe to have sliding doors in your home or office.

3. Security

When investing in sliding doors, you need to consider the security. Most home owners look for sliding doors with aluminum seals, incorporated gaskets and fixed leaves. There should be a hook-over mechanism on the locks to prevent the sliding leaf from being lifted out of the frame.

4. Save Space

Sliding doors don’t require a hinge. Rather, they glide along a track to open or close. As such, you don’t need any extra space for the door arc because the doors will open by sliding over another panel.

5. Natural Light

Sliding doors come with extra large glass panes running from the top to the bottom part of each door panel. The design often maximizes natural light to ensure that you can enjoy natural light indoors all day.

6. Glazing Options

Parents love having sliding doors in their houses. They offer the most unrestricted views of the outdoors so it’s easy to keep an eye on the children.

You can choose glazing options on the sliding options to offer various benefits such as reducing harmful UV rays. It can also prevent energy loss, improve insulation and reduce condensation as well as frost on the glass panels.


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We place a great deal to foresee and react quickly to market changes, by, creating innovation and identify areas in which your business needs. We offer various door entrance solutions including auto sliding door & swing door for retail business, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, train stations, airports, administrative buildings, industry and many more. We are dedicated to providing customer orientated solutions.


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What Are the Benefits of A Sliding Glass Door?

The benefits of sliding glass door improve safety, save space, provide maximum security and natural light. Find out more here.

What is the popular types of sliding glass door offer by GW GeWalt?

The popular sliding glass door are:

  • Electromagnetic Type
  • Auto Tempered Glass
  • Manual Sliding Door
  • Sliding and Folding Glass Door
  • Telescopic
  • Shower Frameless Glass Door

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How much it cost to install a sliding glass door?

The cost to install a sliding glass door depends on the type of the chosen sliding door. It usually costs from few thousands onwards. Click here to get the free quotation.

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