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You can have privacy at work or home without compromising on style with frosted glass doors from Gewalt. With just one phone call, we’ll take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Frosted glass doors are perfect for providing much-needed privacy. They’re made of high-quality tempered glass with secured clamps and other accessories to make sure they’ll last a long time. You can trust us to provide you with frosted glass doors that will give you all the privacy you need while still being easy on the eyes. Our frosted glass doors come in different sizes, so there is one out there for everyone.

Why Choose Frosted Glass Door?

Apart from the apparent privacy benefits, there are more advantages to choosing a frosted glass door for your home:

Frosted Glass is Cool

And we mean literally colder. This is the perfect choice for humid and tropical countries like Malaysia. Many people find it attractive about frosted glass doors that are often cooler than other types of doors. This means that employees don’t have to worry about being hot during the summertime while working behind it. At the same time, customers enjoy the benefit of not feeling overly warm when entering or exiting through one.

Added interior design options

One of the best features of frosted glass is that it can be used in conjunction with just about any interior design scheme. You’ll find that many people will opt to use frosted glass when they are adding a certain pop of colour to their decorating scheme since it can often stand out in comparison.

Prevents Glare

With most types of doors, you run the risk of someone being able to see through them – whether it’s from the outside looking in or vice versa. However, with frosted glass door panels, this isn’t possible due to how they’re designed.

Frosted Glass Door Quick Facts:

  1. Glass frosting can come with a room temperature solution
  2. Laminated glass frosting by using a chemical-resistant lamination material or frosted glass stickers are also affordable ways to create the same privacy from your glass door.
  3. High-quality etched glass designs can be applied on the exterior side of the door, which is viewable from indoors
  4. The interior portion of the door will remain transparent – allowing light to shine through
  5. Frosted tempered glass doors are available in safety and security grades for home or commercial use
  6. When laminated safety glass is used, it makes it nearly impossible for nefarious individuals to gain access to the storefront without triggering an alarm system
  7. Frosted windows can also be installed into other structures throughout the property that you want to give privacy.



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Do frosted glass doors let light in?

No. The frosting does not allow for light to pass through the glass.

Frosted glass is made by creating a thin layer of plastic on top of clear tempered safety glass. This technique, known as “fogging”, gives the windowpane a cloudy or frosted look. Frosting plastic can also be used to obscure vision from one side of an enclosed set, such as dressing rooms. The plastisol ink used in fogging has higher elasticity than other polymers and an increased number of molecules per unit volume. These optical properties are what give this type of glazing its frosty texture – not refraction or diffusion that are associated with attenuating light rays.”

Can you use frosted glass on the bathroom door?

Yes, you certainly can. Frosted glass is very popular for all door styles, and there are specifically frosted glass office doors that add an elegant shine that would look great in your bathroom. Frosted glass also adds a layer of privacy while at the same time still providing the necessary ventilation to avoid the distinct claustrophobic feeling many people get from sliding frosted glass or louvred doors.

Is frosted glass more expensive?

Yes. Frosted glass is more expensive because the higher manufacturing cost must be offset by increased demand for the product, including glass frosting, colouring, sandblasting or electrostatic coating. These processes modify the surface of single sheets of standard clear or coloured float glass, giving it a “frosted” look with textured colours.

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