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A swing glass door is a type of sliding door where the panels can be folded or “swing” open and closed via hinges mounted on the adjacent walls. A swing glass door is different from other types of doors like French doors, sliding doors, etc., because it slides horizontally rather than vertically.

With GEWALT Swing Glass Doors, you won’t have to worry about the rain getting in through your old door ever again. You can also enjoy our custom hinges which allow us to fit any size of the door into any sized space. Plus, we use only the highest quality materials on all our doors – including tempered glass that is guaranteed not to break under pressure from impact or heat exposure.

Swing doors are an important part of both residential and commercial architecture as they allow for easy transition between interior spaces with little disruption to the existing layout.

Swing glass doors have become increasingly popular in recent decades due to their convenience, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, versatility, etc. While most manufacturers produce standard hinged models, several companies have begun producing custom-made hinged products that allow for one panel to be completely removed from its track or left in place while the other is opened.

While this may sound counter-intuitive, it allows for greater flexibility when opening larger areas of glass by allowing two spaces to be connected with an open space in between.

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Our doors are weatherproof and secured, so your office will always be protected. We offer custom-hinged products that work even for small entrance spaces. And we can work with residential and commercial properties! You’ll get high-quality tempered glass and durable accessories that will last a lifetime. Welcome, a new and cleaner interior with your own glass railings!



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