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Gewalt is the most trusted supplier of glass door hinges. We offer all types and shapes of glass door hinges, which can be used with any type of glass panes. Our professional team ensures that your doors and windows are in good condition by picking the right hinge for them. You can rely on us to help you find the best accessories for your doors!

Our company offers all types and shapes of glass door hinges, works with all types of glass panes, are available in different sizes to suit any type or size of window or door. You can rely on us for quality products at affordable prices that will last a long time without breaking them down easily. We have been serving our customers for many years now, so we understand what they need for their doors and windows accessories needs.

Hydraulic Glass Door Hinge

Here are the 2 popular hydraulic door hinges.



The features include:

  • Anti-Pinch Functionality (Reduced Closing Speed When Force is Applied)
  • Adjustable Speed (3)
  • Adjustable Closing Force Based On Door Weight
  • Working Temp: -30°C~ 60°C

Potential Issues:

  • Anti-Pinch Functionality (Impeded Hydraulic Flow Control)
  • Reduced Lifespan of 200,000 Cycles
  • Impacted Load Capacity
  • Oil Leakage

GW-3011 (90 Degree)

GW-3011 (180 Degree)

GW-3011A (90 Degree)

GW-3011A (180 Degree)

Floor Hinge for Glass Door

GW-V84 (20NM, 25NM, 30NM)





GW-D1-120 (Non-Digging New Floor Hinge)

GW-D1-180 (Non-Digging New Floor Hinge)

Why Installs Glass Door Hinges?

Glass door hinges allow an unobstructed view of the interior and offer a level of convenience not found with other doors. Additionally, having a glass door makes it easy to decorate your house because you can use any colour or pattern for your choice of glass while still enjoying a clear view. Glass door hinges also add beauty to your home and increase its value.

The increasing popularity of glass doors made them available in different shapes and designs of glass door hinges that suit different tastes and styles. They are no longer limited only to rectangular shapes but now come in unusual designs, including inverted trapezoid, half oval, crescent moon, arched top, round arch, circle top and even square tops.

How to choose the right glass door hinge.

Your door weight and size play an important factor to decide the number of door closer hinge you need. Please refer to the table below.

The type of glass door hinges you choose will depend on the size and thickness of your door, its design, the material of construction and whether it is to be concealed or visible. Glass doors are commonly made from aluminium, wood, vinyl or steel. If you want to use a wooden door for your new glass door, then you can get custom-made hinges that perfectly match the style of the door.

However, if you’re buying prefabricated door kits, choosing hinges shouldn’t be too difficult because most manufacturers have standardized their sizes to accommodate different types and styles of glass doors. Hinges with larger knuckles provide more stability, while hinges with small knuckles give a sleeker look since they don’t protrude much beyond the surface area.



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