Glass Clips & Clamps in Malaysia

Are you looking for a way to secure your glass panels without the risk of shattering them?

Gewalt Glass Clamps are the safest and most effective way to secure glass panels. They protect your glass’ integrity without risks of shattering it.

You can choose from different shapes, including rectangular, round, and D-shape clamps that can be easily adjusted during installation. No wobbling despite the thickness or weight of your chosen pane is possible with these clamps.

The Benefits of GEWALT Clips for Glass

Drastic reduction of glass breakage

Impact pressure is spread out when using glass clamps. Your glass panels will remain intact.

Because glass clamps are installed inside glass panes, no glass shards or splinters are created if glass breaks. This reduces safety risks for maintenance personnel and injuries caused by glass breakage. So you can be sure your glass installation is both secure and safe at all times.

Can Withstand all different weight

Whether your glass panel is made from 8mm glass, 12mm glass, or up to 20mm glass Gewalt Glass Clamps can hold all different weights.

It doesn’t matter if you choose an 8 mm glass clamp, a 12 mm glass clamp or a larger option. These clamps fit all glass thicknesses and thus ensure your glass panels stay securely in place.

Gewalt Glass Clamps are crafted from high-quality materials that make them corrosion-resistant and extremely durable, and very easy to install. They work with glass sheets such as toughened glass, laminated glass, acrylics.

Glass clamps come in varying specifications, including thickness, shape, and motion type. It is best to always consult with the experts to ensure the safest possible specification for your desired design.

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