Glass Railing & Balustrade for Staircase in  Malaysia

Are you interested in glass railings?

GEWALT Glass Railing is a glass railing system that will allow you to have an unobstructed view of your surroundings. This means no more blind spots or tripping over objects on your way up and down the stairs. You can also install these railings in commercial properties for added safety and convenience.

Glass is a great option for railing because it’s transparent, allowing you to enjoy the view while still feeling safe. The clear surface provides an unobstructed view so people don’t trip over the railing itself, which can happen if it doesn’t have a flat top surface. It’s also durable and easy to clean, so your home or office will always look its best. Plus, we can work with any style of railing or staircase that you have in mind. We offer both residential and commercial services!

Benefits of Installing Tempered Glass Railings

Let us tell you more about the benefits of tempered glass railings and why they’re an excellent choice for your home!

  1. Superior Strength: Glass is known to be stronger than other materials such as aluminium, stone and vinyl.
  2. Withstanding harsh weather conditions. Glass railings would hold up well in all kinds of weather conditions and still provide durability to keep everyone safe.
  3. Impact-Resistance. They resist scratches and damage from impact very well, which means their appearance will stay like new for much longer than other types of railing.
  4. Low Maintenance. One thing property owners dread most is how much work it takes to maintain their home exterior. But thanks to glass railings, there’s less worrying because you won’t need to clean them as often or perform heavy maintenance tasks like applying paint or sealants every year.

Customized Glass Railings

Another great benefit of glass railings is that they can be customized to meet requirements set by any state or local building code. They come in a variety of finishes and colours, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when designing your custom railing system. You can also get them with different textures on the surface for an added element of safety. Glass railings can be installed for:

  • Balcony
  • Door/Entrance Way
  • Staircase
  • Office Partitions

Keep in touch with our team to discuss your envisioned design for your home or office interior, and add that modern touch to your property.

Why Choose Us

We are Malaysia’s most experienced glass processing machines and accessories provider, so we know exactly how to get the job done right! You have reached a one-stop company for all your glass installation needs.

Our team has worked with residential and commercial properties before, so they understand what it takes to make sure each project goes smoothly from start to finish. And if there are any issues along the way, our customer service representatives will be happy to help resolve them as quickly as possible.



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Is the glass railing more expensive?

Glass railing is more expensive, but it may also last longer. Good glass railing can be a significant investment for most people, but glass is much less prone to water damage and is immune to fire damage. The quality of the glass itself can significantly impact how long it lasts. Tempered safety glass should last the longest because its surface has been hardened by rapid heating and cooling processes that cause small cracks at points of extreme tension in the material. This makes tempered safety glass much more resistant to shattering or breaking than other forms of regular (untempered) soda-lime windowpanes.

Are glass railings safe?

For the most part, yes. However, it’s still important to maintain them regularly because of their susceptibility to chips and cracks that could lead to the shattering.

How thick should glass railings be?

The glass railing’s thickness should be around 8-12mm.

Railings need to be this thick so that they don’t bend or flex under the weight of someone walking or climbing on them. This reduces the risk of injury from a person’s hand slipping and coming in contact with a sharp edge. It also helps in preventing excessive bending and pushing out when large crowds walk by. Be careful if you’re old, heavy, and who would like to climb up onto it! Make sure you look for strong steel braces below them to hold the rails in place; otherwise, once your foot braces against it, there will be no resistance towards you trying to pull yourself up onto the railings.

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